Complete SMOBOT Controller Kit
Complete SMOBOT Controller Kit

Complete SMOBOT Controller Kit

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SMOBOT is a patented robotic damper system that attaches to the top vent of most Kamado style smokers like those from Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and Primo Ceramic Grills.  SMOBOT monitors the temperature inside the smoker using a high temperature thermocouple. When the temperature varies from the target you set, the controller tells the damper how much to open and close to maintain the temperature you choose. Think of SMOBOT as your smoker robot.

Airflow is controlled by the natural draw through the top damper, which makes installation easy and power consumption low.  The damper replaces the manual factory daisy wheel, attaching to the top vent cap with the single existing screw in a matter of seconds.  Your smoker works just the way it was designed.  Because SMOBOT only moves the damper when necessary, power consumption is low.  SMOBOT is powered through its micro-USB connector.  If desired, powering it from a low-cost USB battery pack is a great option when an outlet isn't available.

The purchase of a SMOBOT Grill Controller comes with everything you need to control your grill and monitor your cook including:

1 X Controller
1 X Robotic Damper
1 X Grill Thermometer
2 X Food Probe
1 X USB Power Supply and Cable

When ordering be sure to choose the proper model for your smoker.  Currently three models are available.  If you don't see your smoker listed, feel free to contact us and see if we have something that will work.

Type A - Big Green Egg Medium, Large, XL, 2XL; Primo; Grill Dome Infinity L, XL; Char Griller Akorn (Akorn adapter sold separately); The Bastard (NOTE:  Big Green Egg Models with the new rEGGulator cap will need to purchase our Big Green Egg Cap sold separately)

Type B - Vision 500 Series Kamado; Pit Boss Ceramic Kamado; Kamado Joe Classic & Big Joe; Saffire; Ruby Kamado; Monolith. (Vision 500 and Pit Boss require adapter(s) sold separately)

Type C1 - Big Green Egg Minimax and Small

Type C2 - Kamado Joe Junior

NOTE:  SMOBOT like many internet connected devices requires 2.4ghz WiFi to work properly.l